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The Tampa law firm of attorney JOHN B. BREWER, JR. is devoted to protecting you and your family’s rights. You will speak to John Brewer personally, because we treat every single client as our most important case. Our primary focus is helping injury victims with all types of personal injuries due to accidents from motor vehicles, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, RV’s, plane, or 18-wheeler, tractor trailer accidents. If you or someone in your family has been injured due to an accident; medical malpractice; defective products; drug recalls; machine accidents; negligence; on-the-job accident; slips and falls; experienced nursing home abuse or someone in your family died a wrongful death, let us help you. The faster you contact us, the quicker we can advise you and make sure your rights are protected – even if it’s been months since your accident occurred. But don’t put it off any longer because time is of the essence. The time to file a lawsuit may be critically close or even immediately, due to the Statute of Limitations.

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As a former insurance defense attorney, John B. Brewer, Jr. knows how insurance companies operate and the strategies they may employ in resolving a claim. He knows because he used to defend them. For the past 14 years, John Brewer has devoted his time, energy and practice to representing individuals and families in all types of personal injuries and accidents due to the carelessness or negligence of others. John Brewer treats you with compassion while using his knowledge and experience to aggressively represent you to secure full and fair compensation for your losses. If you have been injured by the negligence or carelessness of another person or company, your first call should be to 911 to get the medical treatment you need. Your next call should be to us to discuss your case.

Don’t struggle and worry with the aftermath of an accident or injury all alone.

Call us. Any day, Any night. We WILL call you back. There is no cost to you until we recover for you.

If you have a legal need of any description, we urge you to contact an attorney. If you have questions about what type of lawyer you should consult, we have excellent relationships with many other law offices including criminal, bankruptcy, foreclosure, business, corporate, discrimination, employment; probate, social security disability, divorce and family law, and other legal specialties. Our office would be happy to refer and introduce you to a lawyer that practices in the specialty you require.

I’m here to help you and your family in whatever ways I can.

John Brewer, Attorney – Tampa, FL