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Do you want a big law firm or THE BEST LAWYER???

Yes, there are 5 million (exaggerated a little) lawyers advertising on TV all claiming to to be biggest, most powerful, blah, blah, blah. I had a terrible car accident and after talking to some of those TV law firms, I realized I’d be “just another number”, NEVER talk to an actual attorney–just some “legal assistant” or
paralegal, AND all they cared about was getting me to sign on as a client. I’d heard about John Brewer through a friend, called his office and BAM! – MR. BREWER took my call, personally. He talked to me at length, asked about ME, how I was feeling, had my car been fixed and lots of questions other law firms didn’t ask. They wanted case information…Mr. Brewer wanted to know about ME. Guess who I hired? Yes, John Brewer!! I am so pleased with him. He returns my calls. ALWAYS asks how I’m feeling. Remembers my family’s names and asks about them. He makes ME feel important and well-taken care of. I feel like he really does care and he is really doing everything he can to resolve ALL of my accident issues and not just rush me to settle for some low-ball amount the insurance company throws out there to get the claim over with. There are bigger law firms. There are hundreds you can call from TV ads. But, my experience is that those law firms care about one thing — themselves, their image and rushing your case to conclusion whether it’s in your best interest or not. If you want to be “part of their herd” — go ahead — call one of those. If YOU want to be HEARD and taken care of individually, then call JOHN BREWER. I’m so glad I did. He’s just TERRIFIC and I have told anyone that’s been hurt— call John Brewer.



John Brewer FIGHTS for YOUR rights & Is NOT afraid of Insurance Companies!! Kind & Caring to Clients. Pit Bull to Insurance Companies

Mr. Brewer is AMAZING!! He used to work as an attorney for the , in my opinion, “bad guys” (INSURANCE COMPANIES) so he knows how they work — against their own insureds. He handled my car accident and a workers comp claim and I was very, very pleased with every aspect of dealing with him. He took my calls, answered my many questions and kept me informed throughout the whole ordeal and helped me get the medical care I needed and negotiated for me extremely diligently.”?


John Brewer is a True Gentleman!


John Brewer, Attorney – Tampa, FL